Royal Wolf Celebrates International Women’s Day

A small representation of the many women who work for Royal Wolf.

A small representation of the many women who work for Royal Wolf.

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, there’s never been a better time to recognise and celebrate the women at Royal Wolf.

From our executive, sales and customer service teams through to depot and fabrication centre workers, Royal Wolf is brimming with intelligent, hardworking and talented women.

“Despite working in a male dominated industry, I’m proud to say that women make up 35% of Royal Wolf’s workforce,” says Fiona van Duuren, Royal Wolf’s General Manager of Human Resources. “In 2016, women made up 32% of our workforce, so it’s pleasing to see that this number is gradually increasing.”

Royal Wolf is continuing to pave the way for women in the transport and logistics industry, with a diverse and dynamic workforce.

“Our workforce is diverse not just in terms of gender, but also in the skills and experience our team members bring to the business. Development and promotion opportunities are available to all employees and our recruitment practices are grounded on the basis of candidate merit,” shares Fiona.

Take Sarah Sa'u, Branch Manager at Whangarei. Sarah first joined Royal Wolf three years ago as a Customer Support Officer, working across all online enquiries for New Zealand and Australia.

By Sarah's own admission, “that position gave me the chance to learn all about the products and system – I was hooked from then."

"I then moved into a Sales Executive role, and that was awesome. After a year, the Whangarei Branch Manager role became available and I jumped at the opportunity,” says Sarah.

Speaking of development and career progression, the opportunities at Royal Wolf are simply endless. If you can dream it, Royal Wolf can likely help you achieve it.

“Royal Wolf has very strong policies in place that support not only women’s contribution, but also the contribution of all of our employees to the business. We are continuing to review and introduce new policies within the business that support women,” Fiona says.

“We actively encourage the development of women. For example, one team member, Anjali Bisla, recently completed her Certified Practising Accountant qualification,” she adds.

"I was completely backed by Royal Wolf to undertake my Certified Practising Accountant qualification. There were times where I had some really tough moments, but I was supported so much at work, like a family. They were always lifting me up," shares Anjali.

To any woman who is looking to join Royal Wolf and take the next step in her career, Fiona says they should go for it – and not look back!

“Come and join the team! Royal Wolf is a great place to work,” she says. “We offer loads of variety in terms of roles and job responsibilities. We have an inclusive culture and workplace flexibility. We also have a lot of fun and learn from one another’s experiences and knowledge.”

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