Meet Your Wolf Pack - Sarah Garland

Meet Your Wolf Pack - Sarah Garland

Sarah Garland has been working in sales since she was 18 years old. After a significant stint in the banking world, the role as Business Development Manager at Royal Wolf offered her something completely different.

“I’ve been in sales all my life, but the versatility of the product and the diversity of Royal Wolf’s client portfolio drew me to the role,” she says. “I started working purely with customers from the building and construction industry, and now I do everything.”

Sarah’s role involves building relationships with customers from a range of industries, including retail, government and food manufacturers. By deep diving into their business and understanding how it works, she ascertains how Royal Wolf can provide solutions – sometimes to problems the customer didn’t even know they had.

“Collaborating with people and helping them out is my happy place,” she says. “My role is very hands-on. I love being on the road and meeting different customers. No two days are the same at Royal Wolf.”

Sarah has worked on many different projects in her five years at Royal Wolf, but the project she’s most proud of is Brisbane’s Bite Markets.

“I worked with Brendon Greatrex, our National Modifications Manager. We created over 60 bespoke containers for the Bite Market and helped with the layout and setup. It was really exciting to see it come to life,” she says.

The multitude of uses for Royal Wolf shipping containers never fails to surprise Sarah, and the modifications available are testament to the ingenuity and innovation of the team.

“You’re learning all the time. You know most things are possible with a Royal Wolf shipping container, but then you see the modifications and it’s so interesting to see what they do,” she says, “We have such a great team across the country. Networking and sharing knowledge is a really important part of my role. We share new products as they’re developed interstate, which, in turn, helps my clients solve their business problems.”

Sarah is particularly impressed with the innovation around the Wolf Lock container: “The Wolf Lock is an amazing product within the core fleet range – and it is especially beneficial for my customers in the retail space. It’s unique to Royal Wolf and has so many great safety features, including an easy-open handle and a tri-locking system.”

2020 has been a big year for Royal Wolf, and Sarah is particularly proud of the team’s rapid response during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Having such a diverse range of products has really helped us during this time. The visitor pods for aged-care facilities and the temperature-testing units have been great solutions for our customers, and for Australians,” she says.

When she’s not working at Royal Wolf, Sarah unwinds by spending time outdoors and going for walks with her dog. She also loves good food and enjoys trying out different cuisines, although she admits she’s not much of a cook herself.

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