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Relocations - Shipping Container Delivery

With a Royal Wolf shipping container removals moving house has never been easier! Simply hire a quality shipping container from Royal Wolf and we’ll deliver it to your property, wherever you are located across New Zealand.

Choose from a 10ft, 20ft or 40ft container to suit the volume of possessions that you will need to relocate to your new home.
In the weeks leading up to your move, you can start to move your possessions into the portable storage container - no stress or hurry! You can fill the container at your own pace.

When you are ready to move, Royal Wolf will come to relocate your container of possessions. We will load it onto a moving truck and deliver it to your new home.

You will then have the convenience of moving your furniture and goods into your new home, within your timeframe. You won’t need to return the container until you no longer need it as you can hire it on flexible terms.

If you’re moving home, call us today on 0800 266 824 or submit a Relocation Hire Quote Request.


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Stage 1

Customer hires the container


Stage 2

Royal Wolf delivers the container


Stage 3

Customer fills in with their possessions
to move to their new home


Stage 4

Royal Wolf comes with the truck, loads the container


Stage 5

Royal Wolf transports the container to the new home and unloads it


Stage 6

Customer unpacks the container and moves their possessions into their new home


Stage 7

Royal Wolf comes and takes the empty container away

Royal Wolf is proactive to customer’s requirement responsive to inquiries and the products are reliable and with good quality.

- Ming Wang