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If you think you have been scammed, please call your bank immediately or report a scam at Consumer Protection

Is that really
from Royal Wolf

  • Remember, we will never send you an invoice nor ask for your credit card or personal information over Facebook messenger or Whatsapp.
  • Prior to sending an email, verify the authenticity of the email address, the official Royal Wolf’s email address uses the domain, not Be cautious of similar domains with minor misspellings or additional punctuations within the email domain.
  • Royal Wolf does advertise across multiple digital platforms, such as Facebook, that promote our hire, clearance, and self-storage services. Do exercise caution prior to enquiring and double-check the number of Likes and Followers on the Facebook page.
  • Beware of several fraudulent Facebook pages imposing the Royal Wolf brand. The official Royal Wolf Australia Facebook page has over 20K Likes and Followers and the official Royalwolf New Zealand page has over 11K Likes and Followers.
  • Royal Wolf does not use WhatsApp to communicate with our customers, beware of scammers imposing as Royal Wolf on WhatsApp.
  • When visiting a website, exercise caution as similar website domains have acquired a similar Royal Wolf domain with minor misspellings. The official Royal Wolf website is
  • To be safe, stop before you transact.
  • If you’re ever unsure whether an email or message is legitimately from Royal Wolf, drop us a call at 0800 266 824 to verify or visit us at our local branches so we can assist you. Please report any suspicious emails, Whatsapp chats or Facebook messenger chats to then delete them straight after. Do not reply or engage with them. Keeping our customers safe is our priority. To find out more about how to avoid a scam, refer to the Scam Prevention Guide FAQ Document.

Beware as more scams may also exist. Please report any additional scams you find.

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1. Stay Informed

Stay informed about the most recent fraudulent activities posing as Royal Wolf by visiting

2. Check the email address on an ad

Prior to sending an enquiry via email, it is essential to verify the email address provided in the advertisement. Our official Australian email addresses will consistently employ the domain name Also note that scammers tend to have a preference for using Messenger rather than email or phone calls.

3. Do not make any payment until you've confirmed it's us

Please keep in mind that our ability to offer guidance on scams is contingent upon our awareness of them. Therefore, we strongly advise against sharing any funds or personal information until you have verified that you are indeed engaging with the official Royal Wolf and not a fraudulent entity.

4. Check the website URL

It’s essential to verify the website URL that you’ve accessed through an advertisement. Our official NZ website is and our Australian website is We are aware of scammers who have acquired similar domain names with minor misspellings, like Therefore, it’s crucial to exercise meticulous scrutiny when inspecting website addresses to detect counterfeit domains.

5. Check the number of Followers and Likes on a social media page

Always check the number of Followers and Likes on a promoted Facebook page. New fake pages often have a low number of Followers and Likes where the Royal Wolf Australia legitimate page has over 20k Followers and Likes and the official NZ Facebook page has 4.5k likes.

6. Check how many posts are on the social media page

Fake social media accounts often copy a small number of posts from Royal Wolf’s legitimate page. If there are only a few posts on the page, do not trust it as it will be a fake account.

7. Check the Contact Us and Message buttons

Checking the Contact Us and Message buttons on a Facebook page is another useful way to determine whether the page is authentic. Quite frequently these buttons do not work on fake accounts whereas they will always work on the authentic Royal Wolf page.

8. Check the quality of content on the social media page

Fake social media accounts often do not look as professional as the legitimate account. They may contain low resolution images and have posts that contain poor grammar and misspellings. If in doubt, please take a screenshot of the page and email it to

9. Check the phone number, if in doubt call 1300 671 700

If you receive a call from someone after responding to an advertisement, we recommend disconnecting the call and dialing them back at 0800 266 824. This precaution ensures that you are in contact with an official representative of Royal Wolf rather than a potential scammer.

10. After a phone call, forward any email adresses to us.

If you receive an email following a phone call, please refrain from using the “Reply” button to respond. Instead, meticulously inspect the email address to confirm it bears the domain, as specified in point 3 earlier. Subsequently, forward the email to the authorised Royal Wolf email address.

11. Never pay over the phone

You should never make payment for a Royal Wolf container over the phone. We consistently provide an invoice for payment, and will NEVER solicit your credit card information or request direct debit payments to be executed over the phone or over Facebook Messenger into our account.

12. Check that the invoice looks like a genuine Royal Wolf invoice

It is important to understand that scammers are highly manipulative and can even issue branded invoices with the Royal Wolf logo to look legitimate. These invoices will include the scammer’s bank account details and once your money has been deposited into the scammer’s account, it can be virtually impossible to recover the funds. If you receive an invoice purporting to be from Royal Wolf, it should look like the below:

13. Check any offer that seems too good to be true

Always be cautious if the price of a container promoted in an ad seems too good to be true. Scammers often promote exceptionally low prices to encourage you to act quickly to secure an incredible deal. Check the authenticity of any special offers you receive by calling Royal Wolf on (AU) 1300 671 700 or (NZ) 0800 266 824.

14. Never hand over private identity information or credentials

There have been instances of fraudulent Facebook pages associated with recruitment scams. If you come across any solicitations for personal identification information or credentials, such as copies of your passport, driver’s license, birth certificate, Medicare card, or any other documentation, we strongly advise against providing these details. It is critical to emphasize that Royal Wolf will never request such sensitive personal information from you.

15. Keep all records to assist investigators in tracking down scammers

If you believe you may have been scammed, keep records of all contact and communications and report suspected scams to both Scamwatch at and Royal Wolf at or for NZ. Screenshots of ads, URLs of fake websites, copies of emails and documentation of all phone or text conversations may provide the evidence investigators need to prevent scammers from stealing from other innocent people by impersonating the Royal Wolf brand.

16. Verify the authenticity with our website

Please save the link to our website scam page or to your phone to have it readily available in case you need to verify the authenticity of any social media page or digital media campaign. This information is applicable to any business you are communicating with online and could prevent you or someone you know from losing thousands of dollars by responding to a scam.

17. Report the scam to both Scamwatch and Us

Please report all suspected scams to both Scamwatch at and Royal Wolf at

Report a scam to Royal wolf

Royal wolf is committed to investigating and eliminating all known scams to protect our customers and members of the public. It would assist us greatly if you would report any potential scam you encounter to us via email.

A description of any potential scam ad, email or website would be beneficial with images, urls, and email attachments included. Thank you for your assistance.

Email or call 0800 266 824 to report a scam.

Report a scam to Consumer Protection

Please report all suspected scams to Consumer Protection at