Meet Your Wolf Pack - Brooke Habegger

Customer Centre Manager Brooke Habegger looks after our national customers, ensuring they get the most effective containerised solutions for their business. After six and a half years at Royal Wolf, she knows our product portfolio like the back of her hand.

“I’m the Customer Centre Manager at Royal Wolf’s Gordon office. We facilitate the requests for our tier one national account holders, including removals, intermodal and the national account retail division. We handle all types of enquiries from on-hires and de-hires to billing and transport. We’re a one stop shop. We also handle repair recoveries for Australia and New Zealand,” says Brooke.

When it comes to delivering first-class customer service, Brooke believes the key is to take the time to understand the intricacies of each unique business:

“While understanding Royal Wolf’s business and products are important, it’s also essential I know the different terminology my customers use and understand how their businesses work. It makes fulfilling orders and recommending products easier and more effective. I work with a range of industries from transport to retail – and each business has their own way of doing things.”

Brooke works closely with our interstate branches to best service our customers’ needs across Australia and New Zealand.

“There’s two of us here in Gordon, one full-time team member in Perth, and one in New Zealand. We make the distance work by having regular catch ups, speaking to each other often and building strong relationships. It’s essential we’re on the front foot of our customers’ orders and ready to respond if they need anything,” she says.

While operations are always priority in the office, there’s always time for laughs. And it’s often Brooke who provides them:

“I have my fair share of blonde moments. An example of this is, ‘that’s a beautiful phone on your photo.’ It always gives people a good laugh because I don’t realise I’ve done it until they mention it!”

Outside of the office, Brooke really values family time and hanging out with her friends:

“On my days off, I enjoy going to the beach, walking my dog and spending time with my 8-year-old son. I’m very family oriented. I also love going for dinner with friends.”

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