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Intermodal & Freight Containers

If you are transporting products across the country, you will want to take advantage of Royal Wolf’s full line of intermodal and freight equipment, available for sale and hire. In addition to our wide array of cargo solutions, we are constantly developing new containers to meet the specialised shipping needs of our clients.

At Royal Wolf, we don’t offer ”one-size-fits-all” shipping solutions. We recognise that all of our customers have specialised, unique needs when it comes to cargo management. That’s why we provide a full line of container options.

We stock specialist products including the 48ft curtainside and 40ft part–centre–wall curtainside containers, which are units of choice for leading shipping container transport companies.

Our curtainside containers and side door containers, for example, both allow for easy access to the goods that are being transported. These styles of container are ideal if you’ll be delivering your product to multiple locations during a single trip

Call us for more information on: 0800 266 824.

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