Meet Your Wolf Pack - Lisa Bosse

Meet Your Wolf Pack - Lisa Bosse

“I love people and providing solutions to problems, so being able to do that every day really is a win,” says Lisa Bosse, Business Development Executive at Royal Wolf.

With a background in sales and marketing that spans 17 years, Lisa is a natural communicator and problem solver. “I’ve always been extremely passionate about producing results and providing the best possible service to customers,” says Lisa.

There are many aspects to Lisa’s role that she loves, but the diversity she encounters every day is a clear standout:

“One thing about New Zealand is that there’s such a diversity of cultures, which is really so amazing to experience. Each customer provides a different experience and is special in a different way.”

Specialising in the building and construction industry, Lisa’s tasked with finding worksite solutions for setting up compounds on building and construction sites.

Lisa confesses she’s constantly challenged in her role, but that’s what makes it so rewarding!

“Space is the biggest problem I come across on sites, from implementing and planning the installation to trying to establish how to fit everything in that’s required to go onto a site, says Lisa.”

Lisa recalls one of the most challenging projects she’s worked on, which also happens to be the most rewarding:

“We had to crane everything over to the opposite end of an entire construction site, as we could not close off the road on the side we were installing on. This was not a small install either — we’re talking about 18 units that required craning.”

“Trying to time everything within the allocated crane times and traffic management plans, while keeping an eye on weather forecasts and everything else that went with it, it honestly was not easy.”

“It was the most challenging and yet most rewarding installation I’ve done to date. I learned so much from that install,” adds Lisa.

When it comes to her team, Lisa says the Wolf Pack made her feel welcome from the moment she joined Royal Wolf:

“I’m absolutely blessed as the team at Royal Wolf really is a ‘Wolf Pack’. The love and acceptance I’ve felt from day one has been overwhelming.”

Outside of the office, Lisa can be found spending time with family and enjoying the outdoors. She’s also a keen scuba diver and a qualified rescue diver.

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