Sea Cell Containers

Royal Wolf’s sea cell containers are manufactured exclusively for use on cargo ships. These specialised containers are wide enough to hold two pallets side-by-side, adding up to ten pallets total on the floor of our 20ft sea cell container model. Our longer 40ft model can accommodate additional pallets, depending on your cargo transport needs. Usually, containers with these "pallet wide" dimensions do not fit on standard cell guides on international cargo ships. But despite their two-pallet width, our sea cells fit perfectly on cell-guide container ships. This is possible thanks to the offset corrugation on each side of our containers. In addition to this unique design feature, these specialised containers have standard corner castings, so they can be lifted and carried by any type of container loading equipment.

Due to this unique construction, our sea containers are able to hold more pallet-packed cargo than standard shipping containers. Specifically, our 20ft units have a maximum payload capacity of 31,050 kilograms, while our 40ft models can hold cargo weighing up to 29,840 kilograms, but with a much larger cubic volume (79.1 cubic metres versus 37.4 cubic metres on the 20ft units).

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Manufactured exclusively for use on cargo ships
Can hold two pallets side by side
Flexible to work on both cellular and non-cellular cargo ships


Both our 20ft and 40ft sea cell containers are flexible enough to work on both cellular and non-cellular cargo ships. This versatility makes it possible for your container to fit on any type of intermodal transportation without any modifications. With a Royal Wolf sea cell, you won’t have to worry about the specific requirements of a given shipper, because your sea cell is, in practice, a one-size fits all container.

Royal Wolf sea cell containers allow you to maximise the amount of cargo you can ship, without having to pay for a larger container. Because of this, sea cells offer a great value to anyone in the cargo industry who utilises ships to carry their goods. While we do also offer similar containers without the cell-friendly design to suit your more-basic overland shipping and storage needs, when it comes to moving cargo over the oceans, our sea cell containers simply can’t be beat.

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