Smooth-wall Bulk Containers

There isn’t a more quintessential use for shipping containers than bulk storage - Royal Wolf’s bulk shipping containers offer a smooth wall design and strong build quality making these boxes ideal for shipping and storage.

With an overal length of 20ft these containers can hold bulk products or pallets for shipping or storage. The container width can accommodate two pallets stacked next to each other, so even if you don’t intend to ship bulk goods, you’ll still be able to fully pack the container with whatever materials you have on hand.

Because of their smooth wall design, these containers are ideal for shipping food products or other goods such as paper products, while their quality weather-proof construction means that they’ll stand up to harsh conditions without showing much wear and tear. If you’re using your container for storage, you can safely place it in an unprotected environment, where it will stand up to the elements and protect whatever goods you store inside it.

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Smooth Walls
Strong Build
Ideal for Shipping and Storage


If you require further utility from your bulk shipping container, we can make it even more effective by adding customised accessories to fit your exact shipping and storage needs. Some of our most popular bulk container accessories include hoppers and liner bags. We can also add roof loading hatches to make it easier to pack the box. Side hatches and retractable ramps can be installed to simplify the container loading and unloading processes. These accessories highlight the versatility of this particular product, by making it easier than ever to load your goods.

If you’re looking for overall usefulness and value, Royal Wolf's bulk shipping containers are the number one choice for many leading companies. We offer options to buy or hire a bulk containers to suit your needs.

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