Transiflat Cargo Carriers

Transiflats are among the simplest and most useful of all the Royal Wolf product lines. These flat cargo transport solutions offer a customised gated design, depending on what type of cargo they carry, and are intermodal, so that they can be used to carry goods by truck or train.

Our standard transiflat models have a maximum payload of 28,100 kilograms. Heavy, tall or oddly-shaped loads that will not fit in a standard container can be easily accommodated on a transiflat.

Fitted with full-length tie rails, they are ideal for carrying steel bars, pipes, beams and other lengthy materials. As they lack sides and a hard roof, they are useful for transporting heavy machinery.

Royal Wolf modification specialists can improve their utility even more by installing gates that are purpose-made to suit your requirements.

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Customised gated design
Maximum payload of 28,100 kilograms
Ideal for transporting heavy machinery



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