Flat Rack Containers

Flat rack containers are generally used for the containerisation of odd shape, oversized freight or difficult to handle cargo. Royal Wolf provides flat rack containers in both 20ft and 40ft lengths.

Flat rack containers are a useful alternative to standard containers, as these muscular steel platforms can be used to containerise heavy, tall, wide, or otherwise unwieldy cargo. At Royal Wolf, our steel flat rack containers feature either rigid or foldable ends that can be used to help secure cargo in place and protect it during transit. Other features, such as collapsible walls, can be added to your flat rack container to maximise their effectiveness and make load and un-loading easier.

Our experts can help you choose and install the accessories needed to transport the kind of cargo you deal with on a daily basis. Many of these accessories can be collapsed or removed, allowing a single flatrack to handle a variety of types of cargo.

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Ideal for oversize freight or difficult to handle cargo
With rigid or foldable ends
Versatile and flexible


Flatracks are a versatile addition to your transport arsenal. You could use the same unit for several different applications, or outfit it to carry a number of different pieces of equipment or cargo in a single load. Because of their flexibility, flatracks offer a great deal of value for the budget-conscious.

Flatrack containers come in 20ft and 40ft varieties, with decks made of steel or wood (though we can provide you with non-standard deck sizes if standard models won’t accommodate your cargo needs). We can also supply chains, winches, straps and leaf or coil spring collapsible posts if needed to help you assist in securing your cargo for health and safety requirements.

Royal Wolf work with you to provide solutions that meet your product loading/unloading and WHS requirements. Our in house engineering team are experienced in transport and 3PL.

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