Worksite Solution Amidst Mount Eden Train Station Closure

The problem:

Mount Eden train station is set to be a construction zone for the next four years as part of Auckland’s City Rail Link project and the site required a temporary containerised solution for work site facilities.

The station will be closed on 11 July and once opened in 2024 it will provide access to the Western Line and the new City Rail Link Line.

Due to the length and scale of the project, the temporary facilities needed to be fully functional and constructed on a site with a very limited footprint.

The solution:

With efficiency the key on this tight and busy site, Royal Wolf provided a tailored solution with five containers set up in a U-shape and a canopy connecting the containers to form a central courtyard area.

Four of the five 20-foot units are office containers being used for administration areas, a changing room and a lunchroom. The single red container was purchased by the client as a tool shed and was incorporated into this set up to save space.

To complement the office and changing facilities Royal Wolf installed a 20' ablution unit on top of a 4000-litre relocatable waste holding tank to complete the site set up.

The result:

Royal Wolf are specialists when it comes to building self-sufficient work sites in built up urban areas.

With the Mt Eden site’s unique challenges around space and location, the project is an example of Royal Wolf’s commitment to providing an innovative solution to meet a customer’s specific needs.

And while the CRL site set up is temporary, the quality and durability of the container construction ensures those working on the project have access to a high standard amenity all in one self-contained area.

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