Meet Your Wolf Pack - Graham Allison

Graham Allison

“My ability to have a direct influence on the end result [of a project] through working closely with my colleagues is one of the most rewarding aspects of my job,” says Graham Allison, Regional Manager at Royal Wolf.

“It’s not just work, it’s who I am,” shares Graham.

With almost ten years at Royal Wolf, Graham well and truly understands the ins and outs of the business. He’s been in the role of Regional Manager for just under three years now, having joined the company as a Senior Sales Executive back in 2010.

“This is my tenth year [at Royal Wolf] having worked my way through several roles in the New Zealand business. I joined Royal Wolf because I wanted to join a reputable company that I could build a career with,” says Graham.

“I previously studied mechanical engineering and business management and spent a lot of time in sales roles in South Africa before immigrating [to New Zealand]. I’ve really been able to make the most of my skills at Royal Wolf,” shares Graham.

These days, Graham leads a team of 25 who are based all around New Zealand’s North Island.

“I lead a fantastic team who are located across seven locations on the North Island. I’m fortunate to celebrate the everyday wins and achievements of my team on the hire and sales front, along with our operations team who get great satisfaction from turning around the stock.”

“I’m also fortunate to see many unique modifications take place at our Auckland modifications facility,” adds Graham.

“No two enquiries are ever the same,” admits Graham, but that’s what makes the  days so interesting for his team.

Having spent so many years in the Royal Wolf business, Graham recalls an abundance of memorable projects he’s worked on — from the well known to the lesser known.

“Royal Wolf supplied containers for the movie sets of The Meg (released in 2018) and the soon to be released Mulan. The majority of containers were used for green screens, with others used for site amenities and storage.”

“We supplied modified containers which were used as accommodation during the Volvo Ocean Race for their Auckland stopover a few years ago.”

“We also worked on the V8 series in Pukekohe where we supplied offices and lunchrooms to all teams and TV crews for the event.”

When it comes to his biggest achievement at Royal Wolf, Graham can’t go past the success of his team:

“As much as I’ve enjoyed my personal growth within the business, it’s been a privilege to work closely with my team and see them be promoted to various other roles in the organisation.”

“Collectively, we all work together as one team.”

Outside of the office, Graham can be found spending time outdoors with his  wife and four children. He notes some of his interests as jet ski fishing, watersports and camping.

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