Space saving container solution along busy shopping strip

Remuera Shopping Centre District - Royal Wolf

  • Restrictive site requires creative container set up
  • Containers provide safety and accessibility for workers and public

Maximising space

A site with extremely limited space in the central city Auckland suburb of Remuera required a bespoke container solution that prioritised safety and helped to limit disruption.

Royal Wolf worked with construction company Watts & Hughes to develop a multi-level space saving structure made up of a combination of container products.

Positioning three 20-foot container hoardings as pedestrian walkways on the existing footpath ensured pedestrian and traffic movement was safe and uninterrupted around the site.

The location of the hoardings adjacent to the site enabled an office, lunchroom, and storage container to be stacked on top keeping the construction site free from worker accommodation.

Container platforms secured to the rooves of the second storey containers provided additional storage space for building materials.

Maintaining daily order

Royal Wolf Business Development Manager Matthew Somerville says the container set up enables the Watts & Hughes team to undertake day to day operations safely and efficiently.

“Construction sites with limited space can be a juggle with materials and different trades coming and going.

“This container set up enables the administration and worker accommodation to be separated from the work site. It means the on-site team can get on and do their job while it also provides a safe environment for both workers and members of the public.”

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