High-end Orakei apartments



With construction activity continuing to boom and increased intensification in our biggest cities, space is increasingly at a premium around building sites.

A high-end apartment development by Southbase Construction in the Auckland suburb of Orakei located on a tight hillside site near exclusive Paratai Dr required not only office and lunchroom containers but capacity for storing supplies and product.       


The 20-foot office and lunchroom containers were placed flush with the footpath on a narrow piece of space to form a protective wall around one part of the site.

To facilitate storage, the robustness of the office and lunchroom containers meant storage space was created by the installation of platforms on the rooves of the containers with barriers fitted for safety and ease of use.  

Additionally, the wall surrounding the entire site was built around the containers to make the site aesthetically pleasing and help ensure it remained neat and tidy.



With the limited space available, the use of containers enabled the site to accommodate safe work and lunch spaces for those on site and storage options all in one.

Also, with a large and busy site in a restrictive suburban space, the containers helped reduce the amount of disruption in the area and ensure the safety of neighbours using the footpaths and roadways around the site.

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