Royal Wolf supports methamphetamine demand reduction programme


  • Local drug support programme key to national roll out
  • 40-foot container doubles as office space and venue for support groups

A health organisation in Bay of Plenty has launched a new programme to help reduce the harm methamphetamine use has in the community.

Te Ika Whenua Counselling Services (TIWCS), based in Murupara 65km south-east of Rotorua, provides alcohol and drug counselling as well as youth and family alcohol and drug support.

TIWCS is developing a methamphetamine demand reduction programme to meet the specific needs of the communities and towns it services. 

To help accommodate the expansion of TIWCS’s service, including recruiting specialist employees to deliver the new programme, Royal Wolf is supplying a 40-foot office container. The container doubles as an office for staff and a venue where support groups can meet. 

Ormond Hynes, TIWCS Operations Manager, says the development and implementation of the programme locally will be instrumental in supporting a full national roll out in the future.

“We want to ensure the meth harm reduction programme we’re developing has long term benefits. It’s not just about getting users off drugs, it’s also about reducing the harm associated with methamphetamine use right across the spectrum.”

Container supports expansion

Mr Hynes says demand for its services has seen it gain additional contracts with Te Aka Whai Ora – Maori Health Authority (MHA).

Previously, the trust operated out of a three-bedroom house which is no longer adequate to accommodate staff, clients, and the range of programmes it offers.

“The container was a quick and efficient solution and meant we were able to employ additional people to run our programmes and have enough space to host support groups for wh?nau affected by alcohol or drug abuse.”

Paul Creighton said Royal Wolf supports a wide range of community, charity, and not-for-profit organisations to enable them to continue the valuable work they do in their communities.     

“The Te Ika Whenua Counselling team are a great example of local organisations making a true difference in the lives of wh?nau and the wider community.”  

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