Royal Wolf storage key to germ protection company meeting global demand

Royal Wolf storage key to germ protection company meeting global demand

Pictured (left to right) Paul Morrison - General Manager Zoono, James Norman - Business Development Manager Royal Wolf, Dwayne Dean - Operations Manager Zoono


Zoono is an Auckland-based bio-tech company specialising in innovative germ protection technology that creates a protective shield on the skin for up to 24 hours and on surfaces for 30 days.

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic emphasised the importance of washing hands and keeping surfaces clean which saw demand for Zoono’s commercial products increase significantly.

“The market grew exponentially. We work with companies like London Underground and we just saw massive growth,” says Dwayne Dean, Zoono Operations Manager.

“One of the big things for us was around the volume of stock we could store and have easy access to our components. That’s where Royalwolf comes in,” he says.

Needs for the client

  • An extremely large volume of containers
  • Containers available at short notice
  • Speed and reliability of delivery


Firstly, Zoono required a large number of containers to meet their supply chain needs. Royalwolf was not only able to supply the required volume but also store the containers together at its depot.  

Royalwolf and Zoono worked together to create a process where Zoono components are allocated to a certain container. Zoono then notify Royalwolf which container number, or numbers, they require and they are pulled out of the stack and delivered quickly and efficiently.

“When we have time critical shipments, a big thing for us is getting things quickly and on time. Royalwolf gives us easy access to our components and what we used to move in two or three days, can now be moved in one day thanks to Royalwolf,” says Dean.

Solutions provided:

  • Help with transport issues
  • Fast and reliable service
  • Large volume of containers
  • Containers delivered to Zoono’s doorstep


Royalwolf’s large-scale, cost effective container storage solution has meant Zoono is able to move large amounts of stock quickly as well as get into production quicker, resulting in better lead times for the company.

“This is new for us, we obviously use containers for shipping, but never in a context of storage. So this is a whole new adventure for us as a company.

“Quick communication gets things from A to B in a cost-effective manner. It has been a great asset to us and a great partnership with Royalwolf.”

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