Modified container keeps explosives and flares safely contained

In a shipping container first for New Zealand, safety and survival company Survitec Group is using a modified container known as a Relocatable Explosive Magazine (REM) to safely store flares, rockets and live ammunition.

The bespoke storage container was developed by shipping container specialists Royal Wolf and is strong and robust enough to withstand a blast if explosive materials malfunction or are ignited.

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Survitec, which is New Zealand’s longest running safety and survival supplier to the marine and aviation industries, provides marine distress signals, life rafts and other survival equipment to customers such as the New Zealand Defence Force, commercial marine and civil aviation operators, and recreational boaties.

The 20-foot REM container has 5mm thick steel walls and a 10mm thick steel door with the inside completely lined and insulated with timber.

Dave Chapman, Survitec National Sales Manager, says the need for the container arose when Survitec moved earlier this year from its inner-city site, which had an inbuilt dangerous goods bunker, to its Mt Wellington servicing and warehouse facility.

“The container is ideal because it is a bespoke design made especially for Survitec’s very unique storage needs. It’s also affordable because we’re able to rent it rather than having the capital outlay of building a purpose-built storage facility,” he says.

Chapman says the REM is a cost-effective and highly efficient solution for companies like Survitec who handle dangerous goods.

“We constantly strive to not only comply with, but to set the standards for, health and safety within our industry, and the REM container helps make this process and meeting the relevant Health and Safety requirements much easier.”

Paul Creighton, Royal Wolf’s Executive General Manager New Zealand, says the REM is an example of the versatility of containers and how they can be modified for a wide range of uses.

“New Zealand’s stricter Health and Safety laws put more emphasis on how dangerous goods should be treated so we’re particularly proud of this container because it’s the first of its kind in New Zealand and takes storage of these sorts of materials to another level.

“Containers are an incredibly strong and solid structure with a 10 kPa protection level – and made from heavy gauge, corrosion resistant Corten steel. But they’re also very adaptable and there really is no limit to what you can make out of them and the REM highlights this.”

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