Meet Your Wolf Pack - Cameron Southcombe

Cameron Southcombe Royal Wolf Manager

For our National Manager of Operations and Safety Cam Southcombe, the best thing about Royal Wolf is the family environment. Cam’s role is diverse so he has relationships with everyone in the company.

“The best thing about work for me is my colleagues. We have a lot of different personalities in my team and everyone is interesting in different ways. I have colleagues who in their spare time are: family orientated, a tattooist, martial artists, a barber, golfers, rugby players, car/motorcycle enthusiasts, a farrier, gym freaks and foodies. I have made some unlikely friendships too. I like to try and understand a little bit about the different people I work with. It’s my way to connect with them.”

Cam found himself seeking a career change after working at the Department of Corrections for 11 years. “I was looking for a new challenge so I applied for the role of Production Manager at Royal Wolf. After a few interviews, I was lucky enough to get the job in December 2016,” says Cam.

Cam’s role is incredibly diverse and involves overseeing several areas across New Zealand, including workplace health and safety, property and yard operations, cost management and policies and procedures. “I love getting to travel to different sites, meeting the people that make the company tick and experiencing the different environments that we operate out of,” says Cam. “This helps give me an understanding of the challenges that we face and what is being done to overcome them. On the other hand, it also shows me the caliber of people we have and the great work they do.”

Aside from playing basketball with his colleagues, Cam loves staying fit through dance.

“My partner and I have enrolled in Ceroc dancing classes to keep fit,” he says. “It’s a blend of dances; a brand of modern jive. It’s done to all different types of music.” A former footy player, Cam sees dancing as a far cry from his days on the field. “For me, it’s about maintaining my fitness,” he says. “I turn 40 this year, so my body is not so young anymore.”

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