Meet Your Wolf Pack - Adrian Hutchings

Adrian_Royal Wolf

Adrian has the important role of creating training programs for all of our staff. Covering everything from health and safety regulations to product features and functionality, he knows Royal Wolf like the back of his hand.

“In my role as Training Officer, I develop e-learning courses in collaboration with subject matter experts for all of our staff. In theory, the courses can be about almost anything. Because we have some of our own unique products, like the Wolf Lock, it’s essential we develop programs to properly educate staff so they can give our customers the best advice,” says Adrian.

With such a big team across Australia and New Zealand, Adrian feels lucky to be able to bring Royal Wolf staff together to train online.

“The great thing about e-learning is that no matter where staff are, or what time zone they’re in, they can complete courses. I can finish a course at 4.45pm, head home and come back in the morning to see that people have already had a go,” he says.

Adrian enjoys the creativity that comes with designing, writing and building the e-learning courses. He also enjoys teaching people new and interesting things. “There’s a lot of IT work involved, and then at the other end of the spectrum there’s the creative work. I create all the images and edit them. I also make sure the language is simple and easy to understand,“ says Adrian. “I enjoy having the ability to take people’s thoughts and ideas and build them into a course. It’s a satisfying feeling to produce something,” he continues.

Given his role is rather sedentary, Adrian enjoys spending his free time staying active outdoors. “I like going kayaking on the weekends. There’s a national park not too far from me in Balkin Heads. There’s some lovely coffee shops and a pristine protected waterway. It’s so nice to be out in nature,” he says.

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