Large scale logistics: Keeping the city’s biggest construction project well-contained

Close to 100 premium-quality containers were sourced by Royal Wolf to build a sound wall and safety solution around the perimeter of the Dunedin Hospital Inpatients site.    

“It’s a record number of units we’ve had to supply for a project out of Dunedin that’s for sure,” says Dunedin Branch Manager, Adam Glendining.

The 92 double-stacked containers surrounding the site help protect neighbouring businesses and pedestrians as work progresses. The project is currently the largest development underway in the southern New Zealand city.

“The beauty of Royal Wolf being the country’s leading container supplier means we have capacity across our branch network in 14 locations to source and supply customers with large numbers of containers for large-scale projects,” says Mr Glendining.

Team work, container innovation enhance safety at hospital site 

The Dunedin team worked closely with Ceres Environmental NZ to supply containers that enabled them to develop a safe and practical container solution that met the specific needs of the project.  

“It really is a team effort,” says Mr Glendining, “and it was great to work with the Ceres team to ensure the container wall was fit for purpose and would do the job they needed.”

Currently, on the site, there are 324 piles – between 18m-20m deep – being installed. With five cranes and multiple other machines operating the site is busy and productive.

“You can do anything in a Royal Wolf container, and we always marvel at the interesting uses customers want to use them for – and it’s our job to make it happen. 

“These Dunedin containers play an integral role from a safety and protection perspective in helping to reduce noise emitted from the site by creating an acoustic barrier from the work being done on the foundations.” 

Versatile container solutions spark long term partnership

Royal Wolf first started working with Ceres on the project in 2021 during the demolition stage supplying a wide range of container solutions, including dangerous goods, general storage containers, and site office and lunchroom containers.

In mid-2022 more than 40 units were deployed to create the first, double-stacked container wall acoustic barrier on the site; today nearly 100 containers are in place. As well as the safety and protection element, the long-term nature of the Dunedin Hospital project the containers provide an aesthetically pleasing perimeter around the site.

“It was a logistical challenge in terms of the deployment, delivery and layout but it’s an incredible project to work on given the scale of it – and it highlights the versatility, strength and practicality of containers.” 

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