Fast deployment key to getting job done for Mainmark

Mainmark Construction


A recent Mainmark project in Wellington required a quick turnaround, a range of container solutions, and a set up that would meet the tight space requirements on site.

Mainmark’s Site Manager, Dan Sinclair, wanted to provide a safe and fully equipped site to enable his team to work efficiently, take breaks when needed, and be able to utilise the area for onsite storage.

“We were on a time crunch and desperately needed a fast and efficient solution that could be deployed quickly and meet our needs on a tight site.”


“I contacted Geri at Royal Wolf and she was able to assist straight away,” he says.

A two-storey solution was the most practical approach to ensure the limited amount of space on site was maximised.

Royal Wolf supplied a 20-foot lunchroom and an open side container – made into a double stack with a lunchroom and balcony on top – and a 20-foot dangerous goods container for safe and secure onsite storage.


The on-site set up provided a functional work space, but most importantly, the fast deployment and speed of installation was key.       

“The level of service was outstanding from the Royal Wolf team and because we received an immediate response it meant we were up and running quickly and able to get on and get the job done,” says Sinclair.    

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