Containers key at landmark commercial project



A new commercial development in the Waikato town of Cambridge will double as a retail-hospitality hub and provide rental apartments to meet strong demand for good quality accommodation in the area.

Construction Advantage Limited (CAL), which has delivered numerous commercial developments in the region since 2007, is managing The Village @Leamington project from design phase through to construction.

The project, located on a 1,875 sqm site which has limited room for onsite amenities for the construction team, is the largest mixed-use development underway in Cambridge.

Needs of the client:

  • On site accommodation with full toilet facilities and amenities
  • Container set up that maximised space on restricted site
  • Safe, highly secure accommodation for 12 months


Stuart Anthony, CAL Chief Financial Officer, says the nature of the tight space alongside an existing neighbourhood centre meant careful planning for the site layout was essential.

“Using a double storey container system for accommodation on site was an ideal option.

“Not only does it provide increased security, but having the toilet facilities plumbed, semi-permanently into one of the ground level containers provides a better and more comfortable environment for workers and any visitors to site. “

Solutions provided:

  • Self sufficient work site container hub
  • Double stack container configuration made up four containers
  • Toilet facilities plumbed in on ground level container
  • Platforms to create balcony and stairwell


“We’re delighted to be delivering what will be the final phase of The Village @Leamington over the next 12 months and the Royal Wolf container set up portrays a professional image for this landmark project,” says Mr Anthony.  

“The container system ticked all our boxes to maximise the use of space on site and to provide a safe, secure and spacious solution to our accommodation needs during the build.”

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