Container structure a blueprint for future Defence Force projects

Shipping container company Royal Wolf has created a temporary operational facility for the New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) ahead of a permanent solution being developed at one of the main Army bases.

This project for New Zealand Defence force is made up of nine containers, including a completely self-contained 40-foot container with functional toilets, showers, changing rooms and a laundry.

The design work done has delivered a structure that can enable future Defence projects to install temporary infrastructure that is needed while a permanent solution is being created.

“Royal Wolf was asked to provide a cost-effective and rapid solution to help ensure operations could continue undisrupted while the NZDF team focused on delivering the permanent structure,” says Royal Wolf Executive General Manager, Paul Creighton.

Royal Wolf’s collaboration with the NZDF infrastructure team created a temporary container solution, covering 522sqm that is able to be repurposed and deployed to other locations around New Zealand if required.

The multi-purpose structure will be used by the NZDF for storing equipment, vehicles and as a training area for personnel, until the permanent structure is delivered next year.

Paul Creighton says containers are one of the easiest and most practical solutions for temporary infrastructure projects.

“Containers are an incredibly strong and solid structure which provide an ideal base to create a wide range of useful solutions to help support a customer’s operation or business.

“They’re also adaptable and portable so there really is no limit to what you make out of containers – from a temporary storage solution through to an innovative and large-scale solution like the NZDF has created.”

Royal Wolf is the leading provider of shipping container solutions in Australasia, from high volume ?t for purpose containers through to tailored modi?cations.

It has done a number of projects with the NZDF including supplying a bespoke dog kennel container for the organisation’s dogs and travelling exhibition spaces for the National Army Museum

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