Container solutions make regatta plain sailing

Lyttelton Harbour

  • Container products include kiosk, lunchroom, and refrigeration units    
  • Spectacular 80m container blast wall created on site  

Over 45 shipping containers played a key role in bringing a major yachting event to life as sailing mad Kiwi fans descended on Lyttelton Harbour.  

The scale of the Christchurch event required a robust, temporary infrastructure with containers used both behind the scenes, housing teams and boats, and on the event’s two race days.  

Royal Wolf Canterbury worked with Event Works Group Ltd to supply the containers, including 22 office and lunchroom containers, as well as refrigeration and general purpose storage containers, and 10-foot event kiosks. 

“There were 49 containers in total including 12x 40 foot and 2x 20-foot units that created a spectacular 80m container blast wall on site,” says Christchurch Business Development Manager Tim Harris.  

Overcoming harbourside challenges    

The port location at Lyttelton presented challenges due to strong winds which meant specific engineering requirements were needed to secure the containers safely.  

The tight waterside site meant the container wall was not able to be secured using traditional tension ties and concrete ballast blocks.  

“We came up with the option of securing the bottom containers to platforms and then placing five tonne ballast blocks inside the containers to eliminate the need for tied down ballast blocks.”   

Because of the extra weight inside the containers, instead of swing lifting the 40-foot containers off the truck, two crane trucks were used to lift each container into place.  

Elsewhere on site, because of the high wind precautions, the 22 office containers were scaffolded together.  

“Logistically, and because of the location, it was challenging. But the event highlights the versatile of containers and the team’s ability to problem solve and get the job done,” says Mr Harris.    

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