Container solutions in demand


  • Growing number of industries turning to shipping container solutions
  • Versatility, portability, and cost effectiveness are key
  • Containers help meet business challenges  

More than just a steel box 

A wide range of industries are turning to containers to solve business challenges as the versatility and benefits of shipping containers are realised.

In this video, Royalwolf NZ Executive General Manager Paul Creighton, talks about how the construction, infrastructure and retail sectors are using containers to solve business challenges.  

As a key supplier to the construction industry, Royalwolf provides site offices and lunch facilities, as well as stackable solutions such as pedestrian walkways to help maximise space on restricted sites.   

These solutions are also essential for keeping busy construction and infrastructure works sites safe for workers and the public.

Rising to the challenge

Storage containers, including dry, refrigerated and dangerous goods options, play a major role in helping retail and product supply sectors to meet demand at peak times.

For example, Chelsea Sugar, New Zealand’s leading producer and exporter of sugar products, use Royalwolf containers on site to help manage and meet changing customer demand and seasonal fluctuations.

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