Container loads of essential items provide cyclone relief


  • Royal Wolf partners with Ngati Tamaoho to transport resources to cyclone hit regions
  • Containers filled with clothes, kai, and bedding

Two Royal Wolf containers packed with bedding, clothes, kai, and other essentials have been transported to cyclone-hit Wairoa for distribution to whanau in need.    

The aid initiative, led by Tamaki Makaurau (Auckland) / Waikato iwi Ngati Tamaoho, is focussed on supporting Maori and the many other communities impacted by Cyclone Gabrielle. 

While Ngati Tamaoho has no direct connection to Wairoa and Hawkes Bay, Arabela Boatwright from Ngati Tamaoho Charitable Trust, says it felt compelled to help given the scale of the disaster and what communities had lost.

“It is the Maori way of doing things. Being there for the people no matter where in the motu they’re living,” she says.  

“Amohia ake te ora o te iwi, ka puta ki te wheiao – The health and wellbeing of the people is paramount is a whakatauki [Maori proverb] that highlights the support Tamaoho has provided.”

Community to the rescue

With many kainga whanau (family homes) damaged or uninhabitable, it was essential to provide access to essentials such as food.

“We supplied those basics so that the wh?nau down there are not having to worry about putting kai on the table while they rebuild their homes and continue the clean-up.”

The Ngati Tamaoho project brought together numerous companies and organisations including Southseas Healthcare, Otara Bluelight Foundation, Bruce Pullman Park, New Zealand Food Network, Papakura Marae Maori Wardens, and the Office of the Kiingitanga. It also drew on generous donations from the wider community of Tamaki Makaurau.

“Thanks to all these organisations and people we were able to fill the containers with bedding, clothing, footwear, hygiene essentials, and non-perishable kai to help whanau in Wairoa.”

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