Container a Saviour as Food Storage Solution

The challenge

Kiwi Community Assistance (KCA) redistributes rescued food and clothes to front line agencies to help those in need around the greater Wellington region.

Tracy Wellington and her husband Phil Davies started the Tawa based charity in 2011 for the simple reason they wanted to make a positive impact in the community and help make a difference.

Receiving large quantities of food each day from donors, Kiwi Community Assistance rely on chilled storage to ensure food is kept fresh before it is collected and distributed.

With increasing community demand, due in part to the impact of Covid-19 on families, KCA outgrew its warehouse space, with its chiller and freezer no longer big enough to hold food stocks.

They needed an urgent temporary solution to store daily food supplies while a new chiller, freezer and storage space was built.

The solution

When Wellington branch manager Nolan Shaw and his team found out about the work KCA does they were inspired to help by donating a 20-foot refrigerated container.  

Royal Wolf’s containerised solution enabled the KCA team, many of whom are local volunteers, to continue to help the more than 94,000 families and individuals who receive their food and clothing across the Wellington region.

The result

In the current financial year, the charity has distributed 325.5 tonnes of food, helping to ensure it is redirected to those who need it most and dramatically decreasing the amount of waste in the community.

“Without the container, we wouldn’t have had enough space to store all of the stock we were receiving. Ultimately, that would mean we wouldn’t be able to help all of those in need and many families would have missed out,” says Tracy.

“The container from Royal Wolf was a saviour as a food storage solution, but it also made the construction of our permanent freezer and storage area efficient and stress free.”  

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