Showcase: A Complete Worksite Solution

The challenge

Overcoming sewage and plumbing issues was key for a significant construction project in Hamilton. With no access to sewage lines, the solution required the work site to be fully functioning along with flushing toilets for workers.

The solution

Royal Wolf supplied an ablutions container equipped with a sewer connection and a waste tank to offer a hygienic solution for the location.  

This product, which can include optional shower configurations, allows companies to provide their employees with a high standard amenity on site.

In Hamilton the ablutions container was complemented by a mix of 20-foot and 40-foot lunch rooms, offices and meeting rooms to complete the site set up.

The result

Royal Wolf are specialists in building self-sufficient work sites in remote areas with extensive experience supplying container products for mining camps in Australia and earthquake recovery and energy projects in New Zealand.

Providing a ready-to-go container solution which was easily deployable meant the large-scale Hamilton project did not have to make compromises on location and was possible even though it was isolated from key utilities.

It is testament to Royal Wolf’s commitment to providing a container solution to help meet a customer’s specific needs – and it ultimately means they can get on with doing their job.

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