Shipping Containers Provide Innovative Self Storage Solutions

Royal Wolf has experienced a noticeable increase in the use of modified shipping containers for innovative storage solutions, as demand for safe and secure storage intensifies. Originally designed to meet transport needs and constructed to endure long trips at sea, the shipping container is extremely strong and secure and is resistant to wind, water and vermin. These attributes make shipping containers an ideal product to service the needs of the self storage industry.

Royal Wolf's onsite storage option allows customers to store their container and goods at any of Royal Wolf’s 31 Customer Service Centres across Australia and New Zealand . This service is perfect for customers who do not require access to their goods outside of normal operating hours. Our dedicated self storage locations in East Tamaki and Christchurch in New Zealand, offer a secure and affordable option for customers requiring a full service self storage facility with 24 hour access.

Containers are available in a range of sizes including 8ft, 10ft,20ft and 40 ft and can be modified to suit individual needs with accessories including shelving, partitioning, ventilation, high security locking, electrical fit-outs, access ramps and various door configurations. With short or long term hire options, this a great solution to many businesses storing excess product or individuals storing personal goods.



For existing self storage companies, Royal Wolf offers the flexibility of long and short  term hire rates or purchase options, ideal for peak periods allowing your business to take advantage of all available opportunities. By utilising containers for the expansion of an existing self storage business, companies are able to make use of any available land on their site without the need for development and construction costs. The portability of containers means you can increase or decrease capacity as often as you like making it easy to re-configure the self storage yard to suit requirements.


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