Safety and storage solutions on Ryman Healthcare site

Ryman Healthcare

  • Stackable container solutions provide amenity, safety, and storage
  • Space saving storage options on top of containers to limit site impact
  • Container barrier ensures reduced disruption on busy thoroughfare  

Onsite storage and safety 

Located in the Auckland seaside suburb of Takapuna, Ryman Healthcare’s new boutique retirement development is a 15-minute walk from the beach and next to Killarney Park on the shores of Lake Pupuke.

“It really is an incredible spot,” says Project Manager Will Drennan. “It’s scenic and quiet yet close to the shops and galleries, but also Takapuna beach.”

The new village will be made up of 89 units – 59 independent living and 30 assisted-living apartments – along with onsite amenities such as a movie theatre, hair and beauty salon, a bar and cafe.

Mr Drennan said because the large-scale development takes up the majority of the site, a solution was needed to ensure there was enough storage space in and around the area.

Royalwolf supplied seven 20-foot hoardings, which act primarily to provide safe passage around the construction site for pedestrians, however product and equipment can also be stored on platforms on top of the containers.

“One of the major advantages of containers is that they are multi-purpose. In this case they provide storage on top of the hoardings and above the two site offices which are double stacked at the northern end of the structure.

“The containers stretch more than 40m along Killarney Rd which is a lot of storage space and means everything is easily accessible for the team. Containers are an ideal solution on a restrictive and busy site.”

Work site solution doubles as safety barrier

The two site offices provide the construction team with additional room for a safe and secure on-site accommodation solution.

However, the containers also form a protective barrier which enables access to Killarney Park to remain in use for pedestrians. The container wall also means the busy two-lane road is not obstructed enabling traffic to move freely around the site.

Matthew Somerville, Royalwolf Business Development Manager, said the containers create a worksite solution while offering superior overhead protection and safe access around the site for pedestrians and workers.

“The Ryman Healthcare project is an example of Royalwolf creating an efficient container solution that met the client’s needs and importantly means they can get on with their core business of creating places where people can live life to the full.”

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