Royal Wolf x Piritahi

Royal Wolf x Piritahi

Royal Wolf has provided a fully functional container camp as a hub for workers on the site of a major infrastructure and land development project in Auckland, laying the groundwork for1,000 homes built over eight years.

Piritahi alliance is preparing land in Oranga – a suburb between One Tree Hill and Penrose – for the construction of a range of typologies of new warm, dry homes.

Along with new homes, the Oranga Development also involves designing and constructing new and upgraded infrastructure, parks, and public spaces to create a more connected, safer, and greener community.

The double stack container hub is made up of two 40-foot shipping container offices, three 40-foot  lunchrooms, two 20-foot changing rooms, two 20-foot general purpose storage units, a 20-foot open sider, and one 20-foot ablution container.

The large-scale and long-term nature of the project required the temporary container facility to be fully functional while also maintaining an efficient footprint to enable the development to grow around it.

To enhance site efficiency, two 40-foot office and lunchrooms were double stacked with a walkway running between the second level containers and two staircases providing access to the upstairs structure.

Paul Creighton, Royal Wolf Executive General Manager, says the container camp provides an efficient work site hub that helps Piritahi to get on and do its job of delivering high quality infrastructure and public amenity.

“Containers are one of the easiest and most practical solutions for temporary infrastructure projects and large-scale developments like Piritahi because they are adaptable and portable.

“There really is no limit to what you make out of containers. We specialise in modifying and creating container solutions to meet a customer’s specific needs – from a simple temporary storage container through to an innovative and bespoke set up like the one on site at Oranga.”

The container camp is expected to stay onsite for the duration of the Oranga Development with more containers potentially to be added throughout the land preparation and development process as required.

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