Royal Wolf Showcase: QFES Fire Training Facility


Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) needed to construct a training facility at their Charlton Regional Headquarters. Inspired by the QFES Ripley facility our expert modification team completed in 2017, we put forward a multi-level containerised second facility.


Replicating the design of the Charlton facility, our team of leading engineers delivered and installed the facility on site. The multi-level space allows firefighters to undertake training in fire safety, forcible entry and search and rescue. The facility has state of the art smoke-making equipment, designed to fill the entire structure to imitate real-life environments. In addition, all internal walls are designed to be “smashed through” for training purposes. The facility is also fit for tactical training for the Queensland Police Services (QPS).


8 containers (7 x 40-foot and 1 x 20-foot).

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