Meet Your Wolf Pack - Franceine Wilson

Meet Your Wolf Pack - Franceine Wilson

Franceine has always had an interest in freight logistics, so when the Business Development Manager position opened up at Royal Wolf a year and a half ago she jumped at the opportunity.

Franceine’s job involves much more than supplying containers to customers who need them. As the Business Development Manager for National Accounts, she is often tasked with solving problems and helping her customers find efficiencies to run their businesses more effectively.

“A lot of my customers are looking for solutions. Especially the big corporates. Land is at a premium in New Zealand and as businesses expand they need specialised storage spaces. This can be anything from refrigerated containers to modified ones,” says Franceine.

Franceine has a mixed portfolio of clients, including building and construction, freight, transport, agriculture, retail and FMCG.

“I prefer working with a diverse range of businesses. When one slows down, the other kicks off. It makes my job interesting and challenging, which is good. I love a challenge, she says.”

One of Franceine’s key responsibilities is to keep customers engaged by sharing her expertise, which is one of her favourite parts:

“I really like working with my customers and giving them the tools to function better. The majority of them are medium to very large businesses who order anything from 40-150 containers in one go.”

Franceine works closely with different people from Royal Wolf to service her wide portfolio of clients’ needs.

“We have a dedicated business centre that helps me with administration because I have such a big portfolio of clients. We work as a team to deliver the best results and look after our customers, she says.”

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