Helping to protect the Antarctic environment – no pressure!

Helping to protect the Antarctic environment - no pressure!

Photos taken by Alec Hopper

  • Containers support Antarctica NZ’s valuable work on the ice
  • DG containers modified to increase capacity and capability
  • A spillage and leak proof solution to protect continent’s sensitive environment  

Contain and protect

The safe and secure containment of dangerous goods and storage of resources such as fuel is essential when carrying out work in an environment like Antarctica.

Antarctica New Zealand, a government agency supporting world leading science and environmental protection on the continent, needed a fail-safe containment solution on site.

“Containers are ideal for the extremes that an environment like Antarctica can throw at you because they are strong and robust,” says Phil Dorreen, Royal Wolf’s Christchurch Operations Manager.

“However, Antarctica New Zealand’s requirements presented a greater challenge – to ensure there was no chance of the contents of these containers leaking and compromising the beautiful and pristine Antarctica environment. So, no pressure!”

All bund up

Working closely with Antarctica NZ, Royal Wolf’s Christchurch production facility designed a bespoke bund – a barrier for the containment of liquid – inside two dangerous goods containers.

This solution increased capacity from 2,400 litres to 4,800 litres to mitigate any risk of spillage.

Royal Wolf also sourced and installed appropriate parts to withstand the extreme conditions, including removable vent covers to keep snow from entering the container.

“While the solution needed to be 100% leak proof it also needed to be user friendly to ensure it was efficient for the Antarctica team to use and enable them to continue the important work they do on the ice,” says Mr Dorreen.

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