Empowering customers: Delivering premium container solutions with a customer-driven mindset

Anthony Adamcewicz Employee Photo
Anthony Adamcewicz has a simple test he does on every shipping container he surveys before it goes out to a customer.

“I put myself in their shoes and ask, ‘Would I be happy if this container turned up at my business?’,” says the Adelaide-based Forklift Operator.. “Sense checking it with yourself is the perfect way to ensure customers get the best quality products possible.”

Anthony has won the United Rentals regional Top Equipment Associate of the Year Award which honours a team member who delivers on Royal Wolf’s mission to supply customers with premium hire container solutions. The award also recognises an employee’s outstanding customer service mindset and their commitment to maintaining safety standards in the workplace.  

“It’s all about supplying a product that is fit for purpose and when it’s delivered to a customer ensuring it meets their specific needs and is ready for them to use straight away,” he says.  

Starting in the container industry in 2006, Anthony has extensive knowledge about the structure, capability, and wide range of uses of containers. 

His role, which includes surveying for damage, is key to operational efficiency at the Adelaide branch because it enables units to be deployed back on hire as soon as possible.    

Going the extra mile

Submissions from Anthony’s managers, who nominated him for the award, highlighted his pride in his work.

“He goes the extra mile,” says Branch Manager Matthew Harmon. “He always ensures units are surveyed to the highest standard which ensures customers get the best product possible. The incredibly detailed analysis Anthony provides means he leaves little to no work for the repairs team to follow up on.”

Safety is Royal Wolf’s highest priority and Anthony’s commitment to safety is highlighted by him always meeting his safety KPIs.

“He gets it and understands that lead indicators help to prevent incidents. The great thing about Anthony is if something needs doing, he gets in there and gets it done well to ensure deadlines are met,” says Mr Harmon.

Anthony says, for him, he just likes keeping busy. “As well as surveying containers I do everything from driving forklifts through to container repairs. I even clean the toilets inside our site office containers without complaining,” he laughs. 

Part of a solid team

While he’s proud for his work to be recognised and to win the award, he’s not one for blowing his own trumpet. 

“We’re a great team who work together and I have so many people who support me. Put it this way, there are a lot of other people who also deserve this award.” 

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