Containers just right for restricted site


  • Royal Wolf work with Hawkins Construction to create container pedestrian walkways 
  • Containers provide safe overhead and side protection alongside construction site

Minimal disruption key 

Installing eight container hoardings on a tight and busy Christchurch site required careful planning – and an early start.   

Royal Wolf Canterbury worked with Hawkins Construction to design and install the almost 50m long run of containers which act as a pedestrian walkway and site barrier during a long term rebuild project.  

The hoardings are located on the footpath alongside a narrow and busy thoroughfare near Northlands mall.  

To minimise disruption to traffic, commuters and pedestrians, the Traffic Management Plan (TMP) required all eight containers to be in place by 7.30am. This meant from 5.30am, four trucks carrying containers were coordinated to arrive every 15 minutes ready for unloading.  

Streamlining onsite activity  

The hoardings help to minimise disruption on site by ensuring members of the public and workers are kept safe during construction. 

With the long-term nature of the project, the containers not only provide a safe solution to manage pedestrian traffic but a clean and aesthetically appealing boundary for Hawkins Construction site. 


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