Collaboration, innovation key to container evolution in 2022

Advancements in container industry driven by demand and meeting business challenges

Shipping Container Year in Review 2022

It was a year of collaboration and ongoing innovation for Royal Wolf – from enhancements to key products like the Wolf Lock, to an ambitious container modification on the ice of Antarctica. 

“We work in partnership with customers to create container solutions they need,” says Paul Creighton, Executive General Manager Royal Wolf New Zealand.

“A very special, yet hugely challenging collaboration was working with Antarctica New Zealand to create a fail-safe solution to ensure storage containers did not leak and compromise the Antarctic environment.”

Mr Creighton says the solution, which involved developing a bespoke bund to fit inside two dangerous goods containers to mitigate any risk of spillage, is testament to the power of collaboration to solve business challenges.    

One of the year’s most high profile, and large scale, container projects saw Royal Wolf work with Icon to design and install 43 20-foot container hoardings to minimise disruption during construction of Auckland Airport’s $300 million Transport Hub.

Ongoing container hire demand

This type of collaborative and innovative approach is happening against a backdrop of continued container hire growth in 2022, with more sectors than ever before using containers to solve business challenges.

Traditional industries such as construction, infrastructure and retail saw continued demand, and there was growth in the self-storage sector with Royal Wolf opening a new facility in the Bay of Plenty to increase capacity.   

Enhancements of existing hire products were also key with the release of the Third Generation Wolf Lock which has additional strengthening to comply with certification regulations enabling Wolf Lock’s to carry cargo.

“The Wolf Lock continues to be a game changer for the container sector. They are already being used across a wide range of industries because of the increased level of safety and their ease of use. But now they can be transported while loaded with cargo, takes the Wolf Lock to the next level,” says Mr Creighton. 

Adapting to future proof business

Ongoing global supply chain issues and more businesses focussed on achieving greater efficiency, means many of Royal Wolf’s customers are retaining hire units for longer to reduce future demand issues and to streamline their business.

An example of this demand, and a major business success milestone in 2022 for Royal Wolf, was the National Accounts team securing contracts with two of the largest building and construction companies in New Zealand. The contracts involve an ongoing supply of hundreds of containers to the construction and infrastructure sectors across the country.

Mr Creighton says record investment by Royal Wolf in both New Zealand and Australia was undertaken this year to safeguard supply and seed future growth.

“To future proof sales demand, much of the last year has been focussed on building significant volumes of hire fleet to ensure availability across all market sectors,” he says.

Moving the industry forward

Royal Wolf’s focus is on ensuring it develops and provides products that help customers do everything from reduce costs through to gaining a competitive advantage.

Mr Creighton cites the recently developed Site Hub, which has been designed to provide site facilities where there is no, or limited access to services, as a key product for a range of industries. 

“With innovations like the Site Hub and the Wolf Lock, Royal Wolf is committed to providing solutions to help solve business challenges and continue to lead innovation in the container and logistics industries.”


Wellington’s container bus stops

Three 20-foot container hoardings were transformed into temporary bus stops to keep commuters safe, dry and undercover during the redevelopment of the city’s main bus and railway stations.

Protecting the Antarctic environment

Developing a bespoke barrier inside two dangerous goods containers to ensure storage containers do not leak and compromise the Antarctic environment.

Seamless journeys at Auckland Airport

The installation of 43 container hoardings created seamless journeys and minimise disruption during construction of Auckland Airport’s $300 million Transport Hub.

Third generation Wolf Lock

Originally launched in 2019, this year the Wolf Lock was enhanced with additional strengthening to comply with certification regulations enabling the Wolf Lock to carry cargo while being transported.

Revamped reefer

Based on customer feedback, Royal Wolf revamped the design of the reefer doors by simplifying the ease of emergency egress and added safety features including a mechanically activated brass bell.

Site Hub

The Site Hub provides facilities where there is no, or limited access to services with the ability to be powered by a diesel generator or mains power, a 100ltr portable water tank, and solar panels to power lights, water pump, and fridge.

Containers a class act

A specially constructed container corridor kept students and staff safe during a major construction project at Auckland’s Mount Albert Grammar School.


Maximising food rescue

Supplying Northland food rescue organisation 155 Whare ?whina with a single storage container helped streamline its operation, enabling them to feed more wh?nau in need.

Rebuilding kiwi population

With support from Royal Wolf, Save the Kiwi created a forest-inspired activation inside a 20-foot container at Fieldays to help raise awareness about the importance of predator management.

New facility meets demand  

Royal Wolf expanded its operation in Bay of Plenty with a state-of-the-art facility to meet increased demand for container hire products and self-storage as the region’s population continues to grow.

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