Barista Back in Business

The Christchurch earthquakes have left many retailers with no place to operate.  James Bagrie was one of them. A Christchurch barista and café owner, James was forced to close his café in Shades Arcade whilst earthquake repairs take place but Royal Wolf has got James back to work and supplying the Christchurch community with cappuccinos through the hire of a 8ft by 8ft shipping container.

Like many other Christchurch shop owners affected by the earthquake, James decided to look for a temporary, viable option that allowed him to continue operating. He turned to Royal Wolf for the solution. With limited space from which to operate his business, an 8ft shipping container was ideal as it is portable, secure and weatherproof.

Royal-Wolf-pop-up-restaurant BaristaBackInBusiness2

James has placed the shipping container cafe in a parking lot in Christchurch a few minutes from Shades Arcade. Whilst it may not be back to business as usual, James said "It's just great to be up and running again, and to see all my regular customers on a daily basis. For me, just getting back to some sort of normality was the best thing." James plans to continue renting the Royal Wolf shipping container until the Shades Arcade reopens in 2012.

Rick Mills, Christchurch Sales Manager at Royal Wolf, said, "We're obviously very happy that we could help James to recover his business. We feel very proud to see our containers being used all over New Zealand to help people on the road to recovery after the earthquake.

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