Accommodation Containers for Christchurch Rebuild Workers

Four years after earthquakes inflicted disaster throughout Christchurch, the effects are still being felt as the city continues to rebuild. Workers dedicated to re-storing Christchurch, are adding to the effects of a housing shortage that is seeing rent prices skyrocket and working families miss out.

Royal Wolf is providing one possible solution to soften the impact of the influx of rebuild workers on the Christchurch housing market.

Accommodation units and camp facilities including laundries, kitchens, diners and social rooms can be set up to provide large villages suitable for housing up to 400 Christchurch rebuild workers in one location. The camps are easy to install and offer a superior level of comfort. A single person self contained accommodation unit includes a king single bed, desk, TV, air conditioner, kitchenette with bar fridge, shower and toilet with several other configurations also available to suit individual requirements.

Container Housing singleperson1

Rick Mills, Royal Wolf National Manager - Building Solutions, is currently in discussion with several rebuild companies in Christchurch who desperately need to house their workforce. “Realistically you could have some large scale camps, in Christchurch, in the next 3 months”

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