Shipping Container Restaurants - The New Revolution in Dining

Have you considered ever creating your own restaurant in a shipping container?  How about a shipping container coffee shop or pop-up catering container? Shipping containers are the new revolution in dining.  Why?

Shipping containers are very cost effective, wind and waterproof, secure and very importantly they provide portable catering and dining solutions.

That’s right shipping containers are no longer just for moving goods on ships and trucks they can be modified for almost any purpose.

The shipping container restaurant revolution is gathering pace right across New Zealand and Australia - they are even popping up on TV.

With a shipping container restaurant your business can go to where the customers are rather than having them look for you.

At Royal Wolf we can create a catering solution to your exact requirements, from a restaurant or coffee shop through to a bakery or juice bar just to name a few. You choose the design, the fit out and size from our range of 10 foot, 20 foot or 40 foot containers and we will do the rest.

Shipping Container Restaurantmodifications_retail_pop_up_3

Our design team and engineers are all New Zealand based and are available to discuss your exact requirements with you.

Royal Wolf pop-up kiosks with standard fit-outs are the ideal solution for catering at food festivals, expos, markets and events and are also available for short or long-term hire.

Have you ever dined at the Cashel Mall in Christchurch – this is a Royal Wolf creation.  Further examples of Royal Wolf container innovations are shown in the gallery below.

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