Showcase: Royal Wolf New Zealand Head Office

The Auckland Royal Wolf offices are an example of cutting edge, yet practical and versatile container designs that showcase what can be done with these steel boxes

The Problem

To create an efficient office space for employees at Royal Wolf New Zealand’s Head Office in Auckland while also showcasing the versatility and design potential of shipping containers.


The solution

Royal Wolf’s brief to architect Frank Tonetti of Architettura was to create offices that showcase the company’s modification expertise, innovative container construction, and the functional and efficient space that can be created both within containers and between these big steel boxes.

Tonetti initially made a cardboard box model of his proposal and from that Royal Wolf was sold on the idea.

His challenge, however, was to showcase containerised building solutions as opposed to the conventional stacking method that is most common when building with containers.

Using two 40-foot and six 20-foot recycled containers, Tonetti orientated the containers to create spaces between, around, and under the containers which provides an inter-play between solidity and transparency.


The result

The offices are containerised on the outside yet inside they are stylish with a hint of industrial chic.

Private offices and service spaces occupy the inside of the containers, while the larger spaces created between the container layout provide versatile open plan reception, retail and boardroom areas.

The office is a fitting and appropriate centrepiece to Royal Wolf’s Auckland operation and an example of what can be created using shipping containers.  

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