Shipping Containers – State of the Industry

Paul Creighton

Royalwolf New Zealand Executive General Manager, Paul Creighton, examines the growth and increasing diversity of the shipping container sector

A container is essentially a big steel box. However, the scope of what you can do with it is endless.

As the industry leader in the hire, sale and modification of new and refurbished shipping containers, Royalwolf New Zealand is seeing more industries than ever before using containers to solve business challenges.

This increase is driven by growing awareness and understanding about the versatility and cost effectiveness of containers.

Royalwolf supply container products across an ever-growing range of industries including infrastructure, government, and building and construction, through to retail, agri-business and intermodal. We also work with a diverse range of community groups, local grassroots organisations, and sporting clubs with containers to support the work they do. 

Within these sectors, our containers are used for everything from storage and site offices, through to bespoke units modified into everything from fish filleting stations and ice cream factories to Royal Wolf’s “one stop shop” Site Hub.   

As an essential service, Royal Wolf continued to operate through the COVID-19 lockdown periods of last year to help meet supply chain requirements.

During this time, the company saw demand for container solutions increase as they were key for storing and transporting in-demand products, supporting essential services, and meeting supply chain needs.

The demand from last year across all Royal Wolf container product lines has continued into 2021.

Key to this growth is meeting customer’s needs with the ongoing innovation we bring to the hire sector and container industry.

Major projects recently include developing a temporary infrastructure container facility for the New Zealand Ministry of Defence and a collaboration with KiwiRail to create a new container product to increase efficiencies when transporting logs.

The Australian and New Zealand team worked closely with KiwiRail to develop a prototype, followed by the manufacture of a batch of sample containers, and then the final product made up of 484 new logging cradle cassette containers.

The KiwiRail project is an example of Royalwolf tailoring a container solution – on a large scale – to meet a client’s specific needs and to enhance their business.

For us, containers are more than just a steel box. With a focus on product innovation and an award-winning design-led approach, we transform traditional shipping containers into a wide range of products.

And we constantly marvel at the new, and ever-changing uses our customers want to use shipping containers for. It’s our job to make it happen and meet their specific needs.

An example of this is our Wolf Lock container which provides customers with easy, single lever access and industry-leading safety features that removes the risk of people getting locked inside.

This was a game changer in the industry when it was launched over three years ago, and demand continues to grow across a broad range of industries with more than 2900 units on hire around Australia and New Zealand.

Our future-thinking philosophy keeps us at the forefront of our industry.

Containers are what we love and we continually push the boundaries of container design to develop new products, and improve existing products, for the benefit of our customers, the industry, and society as a whole.

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