Shipping Containers Provide Overflow Storage Solution for All Industries

Shipping containers are being used increasingly by retailers and companies as storage solutions for excess stock and product to help them manage the peaks and troughs of consumer demand and seasonal fluctuations.

Royal Wolf Shipping Containers provide overflow storage

Royal Wolf Shipping Containers provide overflow storage

Royal Wolf has a wide range of containers ideal for overflow storage, including everything from standard containers for dry storage and electronic goods, through to refrigerated containers and specially modified Dangerous Goods containers for hazardous materials.

One of Royal Wolf’s 40-foot storage containers can securely store 20,000 100ml perfume bottles, 14,400 bottles of wine, and around 800 flat screen TVs.

Because containers are weather proof and able to be located outside, it allows a business or retail operation to have increased storage capacity while still having product close at hand and not taking up valuable warehouse or office space.

Storage containers are also used widely in the agriculture and horticulture sectors to store surplus seed, feed and other products.  =

Ashburton-based company South Island Seed use Royal Wolf shipping containers as a storage solution which allows it to do larger volumes, be more flexible and versatile, and increase efficiencies.

The containers mean the company can manage the unpredictable highs and lows that growers, and the industry in general, experience. For example, in a year when markets go quiet, growers are still growing South Island Seed that is often required to store surplus product.

Refrigerated containers, or reefers, also provide overflow storage solutions for goods that require freezing or chilling.

The portability of Royal Wolf’s refrigeration containers make them ideal for onsite storage, and to support food preparation, at everything from large scale catered events through to music festivals and sports events.

Reefers are lined with food-grade stainless steel and have the capability to refrigerate or freeze foods and beverages with the temperature range able to be set between +20º C to -20º C.

Royal Wolf’s Dangerous Goods containers have been specially modified to meet Health and Safety requirements and provide a safe storage solutions for a company’s hazardous and toxic goods.

New Zealand’s largest retailer, The Warehouse, use Royal Wolf dangerous goods containers to store products such as perfume and nail polish when its onsite dangerous goods bunker in Albany is at capacity over the busy Christmas period.

All of Royal Wolfs standard containers can also be modified with electricity, lighting, air-conditioning, whirlybirds, shelves and many other modification options to meet a wide range of storage requirements for all industries.

Royal Wolf containers are strong, secure, and highly portable. Double doors provide easy access with a lockable stainless steel valve in the bundled wall and an internal emergency door release to ensure both safety and security. Ventilation is provided at the top and bottom of two walls and shelves can be added to optimise the storage potential.

The containers are available in three convenient sizes – a compact 8ft container, a spacious 10ft container and a large 20ft container can store the entire contents of a three-bedroom house.

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