Sarah Sa'u - Royal Wolf's West Auckland Branch Manager

Sarah Sau Royal Wolfs West Auckland Branch Manager

From having no experience in the container industry to a growing professional within it, Sarah Sa’u is driven by a passion for working alongside her customers and a strong work ethic.

“I love the customer interaction,” says Sarah Sa’u, Royal Wolf’s West Auckland Branch Manager.

“Dealing with customers is the best part of my job. It’s something I enjoy. Being able to provide a container solution to meet their specific needs is what I’m passionate about and happy to wake up every morning to do,” she smiles.

Before joining Royal Wolf, Sarah held a demanding yet rewarding role as a corrections officer.

“It was a good job. It was fantastic and challenging,” she says of the position which she believes helped her develop skills to work with a broad range of people.

“In all my roles I’ve been in, from sales, corrections, and now at Royal Wolf, customer interaction is key. It’s a passion for me. So, when work is a passion, and you’re turning your passion into work, it doesn’t really become work.”

Growth and opportunity knocks 

Sarah, who is of Samoan (Apolima-Uta) and Maori (Ngati Maniapoto) descent, knew little about the container and logistics industries when she applied for a job at Royal Wolf. However, the potential for growth and opportunity within the industry in both New Zealand and on a global scale was what attracted her to the company.

She started as a Customer Support Officer and over the course of the next four years took on a number of different roles within the company including Business Development Manager and Whangarei Branch Manager in Northland.

“The Customer Support role was key to my growth. I had a great team leader who ensured I was given training and support throughout, where and when required. This provided me the opportunity to learn the product, learn the systems, and get to know about how Royal Wolf operates as a business.”

With its focus on professional development and employee recognition and rewards, she credits Royal Wolf with helping her to develop her personal growth and nurture a strong work ethic.

“They were able to believe in me and pull that out. That’s key when you have a business that can actually see how you work and see the benefits and the value of having you in the company.”

Wolf pack puts family first

When Sarah took on the role of Branch Manager in Whangarei it meant moving away from her family in Auckland. “That was a whole new challenge in itself,” she says.

She was in the role for a year when the pandemic hit which made her realise the importance of family. She let Royal Wolf know she wanted to move back to Auckland and “they made it happen”.

“The understanding of the company that family was important to me and giving me the opportunity to move back to Auckland, and the opportunity for me to grow within the various roles I’ve held, that’s been hugely important to me and kept me with the company.”

She loves the variety of her current role which means no two days are the same.

“You have to be agile, and I love being able to take control of my day. I believe in our containerised solutions, I believe in what our containers are providing to our customers – from general storage containers through to modifications designed specifically to meet a clients’ needs. And when you believe in your product it makes your job so much easier and more enjoyable.”

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