Portable Shipping Container Office

Royal Wolf's shipping container office solutions provide comfortable and secure offices to suit construction sites, mining and defence, and many other outdoor office settings including backyards for working from home. Being transportable our shipping container offices can move with you from site to site which is one of the primary reasons our customer choose to use this product offering. 

Each units is designed to ensure the safety of workers and provide effective 10kPa rated protection from construction materials, debris and other falling objects.

For projects that require larger facilities, Royal Wolf can offer shipping container offices in a range of sizes and configurations. By combining the shipping container office with portable toilet blocks, lunch rooms, change rooms, first aid room and hoardings, a site office can become part of a total worksite solution.

All Royal Wolf site offices are constructed from solid steel shipping containers, making them amongst the most strong and secure site offices on the market.


Both hire and buy options are available for all our shipping container office solutions. For more information or to request a quote please call us on 0800 266 824.

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Comfortable and secure offices
Fully transportable
Optimum safety features and standards



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