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Containers for Dangerous Goods Storage and Chemical Shipping

Royal Wolf offer a range of hazardous material and dangerous goods containers for hire or sale (DGs) that have been specifically modified for chemical storage and for the storage of other potentially dangerous substances. Approved under HNSO Regulations, Royal Wolf's Chemical Storage containers offer secure storage for oils, diesels, paints, thinners and class 3 flammables.

Royal Wolf's Chemical shipping containers are available in 2.3m (minicube), 3m (10ft Pallet Wide) and 6m (20ft) sizes and include an internal emergency door release, bunded floor and vented top & bottom. The dangerous goods storage units also come with optional shelving and side door access (20ft unit).

For more information on chemical shipping and dangerous goods containers, call us on 0800 266 824 to discuss your needs.

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Size and weight of 8ft DG:

External   Internal  
Length 2.30m Length 2.14m
Width 2.30m Width 2.24m
Height 2.25m Height 1.92m
Weight 1,320kg Weight 1,320kg
Bund Capacity 1,150L    

Size and weight of 10ft DG:

External   Internal  
Length 2.99m Length 2.84m
Width 2.44m Width 2.37m
Height 2.90m Height 2.56m
Weight 1,715kg    
Bund Capacity 1,540L    

Size and weight of 20ft DG:

External   Internal  
Length 6.06m Length 5.90m
Width 2.44m Width 2.29m
Height 2.90m Height 2.60m
Weight 3,350kg    
Bund Capacity 2,400L    

Delivery Instructions


The side loader truck delivers the container by picking it up from the trucks tray at each end of the unit and lowering it onto the site directly next to the trucks’ tray. This method is ideal for delivery of containers that need to fit into constricted spaces. It is important to consider which way the container should be loaded onto the truck as it can only be unloaded from the right hand (drivers’) side.

  • 6m Side Loader Clearance Requirements:
  • Height – 4.5m (15ft)
  • Width – 6m (20ft)
  • Length – 10m (33ft)
  • 12m Side Loader Clearance Requirements:
  • Height – 4.5m (15ft)
  • Width – 6m (20ft)
  • Length – 16m (53ft)


This delivery method is used when neither a tilt tray or side loader truck can access the site. Crane truck delivery allows for containers to be delivered over obstructions such as fences.

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