20ft Shipping Containers

Royal Wolf's 20ft shipping containers are available for both hire and for sale. All 20ft shipping containers are available with a range of Safety and Standard options like all the different sized shipping containers in our range.  Our 20ft shipping containers are wind, water and vermin proof, ensuring your items are kept in premium conditions at all times.

  • Standard 20ft Shipping Container

A 20ft shipping container is a versatile storage solution that can accommodate a wide range of items, making it ideal for personal, commercial, and industrial applications. Our 20ft shipping containers can be used to store furniture, business equipment, tools, supplies, and even vehicles. A 20ft shipping container can be tailored to meet specific storage needs so as to ensure the safety and security of items stoired within.

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Easy to install
Fully lockable
Entirely portable


  • Wind, water and vermin proof
  • Securely store all your excess personal and business items
  • Constructed from heavy grade corrosion resistant steel
  • Easy to install, fully lockable and entirely portable
  • Versatile for many applications
  • Wide range of customisable options available including lighting, ventilation, shelving and more
  • Contemporary way to add extra leisure space to enhance your lifestyle at home
  • Ideal for storing personal effects, business documents, sporting equipment, tools, machinery and just about anything else
  • Can be certified for International shipping or domestic rail travel at no additional charge.


20ft Size Wolf Lock Shipping Container - Reduce Injury & Accidental Lock-in

  • No bending to open the door, reducing risk of manual handling injury
  • Safety exit feature – preventing lock-in
  • Patent pending design, exclusive to Royal Wolf
  • Doors open easily using one hand
  • Ability to use a standard u-shaped padlock or Royal Wolf block lock
  • *Not suitable for transporting goods from one location to another

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