Meet Your Wolf Pack - Glen Millen

Meet Your Wolf Pack - Glen Millen

Glen Millen started working at Royal Wolf almost by accident and 14 years later, he’s never looked back.

“My first role at Royal Wolf was as a Junior Salesperson. My partner was having a baby so I needed to find a new role and move on from the family business I was working at. Since starting here, I’ve had a number of different roles including running a branch, running the North Island division and working as the Operations Manager for New Zealand for 12-14 months. There are lots of opportunities to apply yourself and be challenged here. Royal Wolf has always been very supportive of my growth and personal development,” says Glen.

In his current role as National Manager of Building and Construction for New Zealand, Glen is responsible for growing the customer portfolio and finding solutions for customers big and small – no matter their request.

“Customers continually approach us with aspirations to build different things with containers. A lot of them you’ve never done before, but I always draw on my previous knowledge to find a solution. I’ve worked on so many different projects including mobile workshops, emergency response units, a morgue, an ice cream factory, a laboratory and a factory in a can – where you put raw steel in one end and a steel frame comes out the other,” he says.

Unsurprisingly, Glen thinks the opportunities for containers are endless: “They’re the perfect framework to start with because they’re essentially just a rectangular box. You’ve got the bones of the project, the only real limitations are your imagination and budget.”

Glen loves working with his team because they’re always there to help each other out. He also enjoys the variety of customers he gets to work with:

“I’ve recently picked up the role of Account Manager for the NZ Defence Force. It’s a great, challenging job. We’ve done all kinds of projects for them. We’ve built bespoke mobile field refrigerator containers and we do lots of modifications.”

Glen’s girls love athletics almost as much as he does. So, when he’s not at work he’s at the tracks supporting them, or helping out with various different organisations.

“I work with athletics New Zealand quite a bit. I also do the photo finishing for the Colgate Games. There’s a whole system set up. The camera takes a photo when everyone crosses the line and I process it afterwards to check conclusively who has won the race,” he says.

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