Hands in the dirt, not just hands in deep pockets

Corporate Sponsorship

There’s nothing like getting your hands dirty for a valuable cause. That’s what 20 of the Wolf Pack did during a planting day on Motutapu Island in Auckland’s Hauraki Gulf to support our community partnership with Save the Kiwi.  

They joined a group of volunteers who planted almost 6,000 trees on the island – and despite the wet, wild, and windy weather, a fun and feelgood time was had by all.  

An experience like that is testament to why corporate sponsorships have to be about more than just throwing money at a good cause.  

In a world where being genuine is key, because people can smell tokenism a mile away these days, businesses and corporates must enter into meaningful sponsorships and partnerships.  

Cash injections are key to supporting community and not-for-profit organisations which rely on loyal sponsors and donations from the public to enable them to continue the valuable work they do.  

But passion, enthusiasm, and a willingness from sponsors to get involved (and get some dirt under their fingernails) endears a company and its people to an organisation just as much as the financial backing. It brings the sponsorship to life for both employees and customers.  

From a business point of view, it also gives employees something to feel proud about and the chance to chip in and lend a hand to truly make a difference. That’s got to be good for morale.  

There also has to be a commercial imperative, we’re in business after all.  

Royal Wolf supplies containers and resources, and partners with a wide range of community groups and organisations to support their kaupapa in local areas. These range from Northland food rescue operation 155 Whare Awhina and sustainable fishing advocates Kai Ika in Auckland, to Christchurch’s Pathway Trust which supports people to integrate back into society after prison.   

Having organisations like these showcase our products in many and varied ways to their communities is a great endorsement for us as a company.  
For example, Save the Kiwi use our containers for their work. We supplied a 20-foot unit for Fieldays® with the container creating a space that evoked a forest environment and kiwi habitat. The container activation was an ideal way to highlight the positive impact people can have by implementing predator management. 

We believe Royal Wolf joining the fight to save a national icon like the Kiwi also demonstrates sector leadership and provides our customers with an emotional connection to this precious taonga species. 

Our team – right across the country – feel very proud to be supporting initiatives that are truly making a difference. Supporting these organisations and projects has a feelgood factor and level of pride attached to it for the whole team that can’t be matched.  

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